how does the pre-surgery site verification process work?

The site verification process starts when after proper counseling the surgeon books a case. The receptionist then creates an electronic file which sends a copy of the surgeon's instructions to a HIPPA compliant secure server

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  • Live Dashboard
  • Multiple independent verifications
  • Additional sources of information
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Patient Portal
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For Our Patients

The software is meant to help your care team to prevent surgical errors relating to wrong site surgeries. It also ensures your participation in the site determination process before your arrival at the hospital and throughout the perioperative period.

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Once surgery is scheduled, the patient receives an email with a password and a link. Anytime prior to their scheduled surgery, the patient logs into the HIPPA compliant secure server and completes the surgery verification process. This is stored in a repository in the server and on the day of surgery, is pulled up on the operating room dashboard.