Live dashboard

The large in-room dashboard makes it very evident when there is any likelihood of a WSS occurring.

The dashboard also provides a very easy and quick verification of pertinent information regarding the on-going surgery as well as necessary pre-set reminders such as redosing of antibiotics and rechecking of blood sugars.

Information such as surgery start time, ASA classification, Allergies, would classification, availability of blood, other anesthetic and surgical risks such as risk of MH are visible at-a-glance.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning means that fewer corrections and changes need to be made to individual surgeons preferences. For example, once a particular antibiotic is used for a particular procedure, the computer will bring that up as it antibiotic of choice whenever that particular procedure is selected. It will also automatically adjust to the time for redosing of antibiotics etc.

The computer also keeps track of near-misses and of any team members whose faulty verification could have led to WSS and hence corrective measures are taken.

Multiple independent verifications

The main reason why Wrong side surgeries occur is because the determination of the surgery side and site is left in the hands of a few individuals, often the surgery scheduler and the physician (or his assistant) who fills out the consent, marks the surgery site and dictates the procedure to be done and basically validates his own errors (when these occur)! The patient, anesthesiologist and the other operating room staff are basically left on the sideline.

The major advantage afforded by this program uses the 'the swiss cheese model'. The patient and other members of the surgery care team independently verify the side and site of the program. It ensures that there is no discrepancy in what ALL the participants have determined to be the appropriate surgery site.

Additional sources of information

Interphase with multiple information sources including radiology PACS and hospital EHR Where possible, an interphase pulls data from the patient's radiographic and Electronic health records to make that available in real time when needed in the operating room.

Patient Portal

Our easy-to-use patient portal permits the patient to log in from home at their convenience and to verify the side and site of their surgery.

In that way, the patient ensures that he/she participates in the verification of the surgery site to ensure that Wrong side surgery does not occur.