The software is meant to help your care team to prevent surgical errors relating to wrong site surgeries. It also ensures your participation in the site determination process before your arrival at the hospital and throughout the perioperative period.

What you need to know

The watch a video of the patient verification process, click here

  1. You will receive an email from your surgeon’s office.

  2. The email has a link that once clicked, will re-direct you to another page. This page affords you the ability to select the side and site of your surgery well before your surgery.

  3. The information is secure and no one can see, verify or change what you sent. (you and only you and your loved one will have access to your login portal).

  4. This Verification you provide will be combined with information and verification obtained by the surgeon and other practitioners and members of your team to ensure that there is no discrepancy and risk of wrong side surgery.

Please note the following:

  1. No one (not even members of the care team) has this password and we strongly recommend that you NOT share it with anyone except your loved ones and others who may need to help you with the verification process.

  2. Your participation in this program is strictly voluntary and will not in any way, shape or form impact the quality of care that you receive or the standard measures taken by the hospital, your surgeon and the rest of your care team to avoid any surgical errors. You will also have multiple opportunities including the standard World Health and Joint commission pre-surgery checklist, the marked site and your signing of the informed consent to ensure that the proper surgical procedures are performed on the proper side and site.

If you have any questions regarding the software or your participation in the program, please contact your surgeon.