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Pre-surgery site check ® is a computer software that provides independent (blinded) verification by various members of the surgical team, with regards to the side and site of surgery. It is designed to be easy, straight -forward, non-time consuming and very effective.

It will identify discrepancies in the side and site of surgery between the different verification tools such as x-rays, the patient and the members of the surgery team. The large in-room dashboard makes it very evident when there is any likelihood of a WSS occurring.

Each facility determines how many independent verifications are necessary for the actual verification process to be deemed satisfactory and for surgery to proceed.

Each team member takes full responsibility for their role in the prevention of WSS. The lead role in the proper implementation of the presurgery site check is taken by the Operating room nurse, who coordinates all the players and is the only one who can authorize the start of surgery. It also keeps track of near-misses and of any team members whose wrong verification could have led to WSS.

The large in-room dashboard also provides a very easy and quick verification of pertinent information regarding the on-going surgery , as well as necessary pre-set reminders such as redosing of antibiotics and rechecking of blood sugars.

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